12 Reasons to Join Force S&C

12.EVE 1.RESULTS BASED TRAINING First and foremost we pride ourselves on the results we get with our clients at Force S&C. At Force S&C you won’t find us prescribing the latest crash diet or training fad, what you will find is over 20 years of combined experience helping you to achieve your goals using safe, sustainable and proven methods. Click on our testimonial page for our clients pics and experiences 2. CLIENT FOCUSED MEMBERSHIPS With 2015 around the corner you will now be bombarded with offers to join gyms. These offers will usually be based on price rather than service and are an insult to existing loyal clients , by offering cheaper deals to potential members. We value our members, so we promise you will never pay more than what you originally joined up for and new members will never pay less than existing clients when joining. Our memberships are client driven making it simple and flexible join and use all our services, while giving huge value for money What you WON’T find with our memberships- CONTRACTS – At Force S&C we are proud of the service and experience we provide, so we back ourselves that those qualities will retain you as a client, not a contract. TERMINATION FEE/PERIOD – We would never take your membership without providing a service, so if you decide to leave for whatever reason, it is quick and easy. JOINING FEES – We do not charge joining fees. Go to our services page to find out more about our memberships. 3. OUR PROGRAMMING A big reason why we get results at Force S&C is Specific Individual Programming. We believe that by providing an individual programme you will reach your goals quicker and safer. Whether your goal is to dominate on a sports field, improve body composition or just increase your quality of life, then we will build a programme for you based on your current abilities. Our programmes are driven and designed from an initial assessment then updated every 4 weeks, this enables us to have regular contact with you while also keeping track of your progress. What’s even better is that your programme is included in our full membership package. 4. THE HOME OF BST We are and always will be the home of the original BST sessions. BST is a conditioning session that utilises prowlers,sleds,bodyweight exercises and modified strongman exercises. We believe the BST sessions are unique in the exercises, atmosphere, work ethic and results it produces…everybody should experience a BST. Every single session and station in BST has regressions and progressions making it suitable for beginner’s right up to the elite athlete. WATCH A BST SESSION IN ACTION HERE 5. Additional Courses We are constantly putting on additional courses for members and non-members . We have courses ranging from Olympic lifting to all female lifting sessions, this provides you the client an opportunity to maybe learn a new skill or just to simply keep on improving. Coming in 2014 are Under The Bar, FutureForce, IronForce & FemaleForce 6. Experienced and Knowledgeable staff The staff at Force S&C have over 25 years experience of working within the industry with qualifications ranging from sport science degrees, PT , weightlifting , nutrition , GP referral to name a few. We never stop learning though and our staff are constantly updating their knowledge through workshops, courses etc to continue their development, currently our staff are studying various other S&C qualifications. Our staff marry that experience with a friendly and welcoming approach, always on hand to help and improve you the client. 7.CONSTANT COACHING At Force S&C you will get all the attention you need from our experienced trainers, they will always be on hand and eager to help you with whatever query you might have. This is where we differ hugely from other gyms, the personal attention you get will give you piece of mind that your training at Force S&C will be effective and safe. We also offer individual personal coaching sessions/packages, we only take on a small number of clients for personal coaching so please contact us for more info on prices etc 8. TRAIN WITH A PURPOSE At Force S&C you’re training will always have a purpose. If you like to compete,our regular in house competitions allow you to go against other clients or if you prefer to keep it personal your individual program will have goals and targets that are reviewed every 4 weeks, either way you will be constantly striving to get better and better and have a goal to work towards 9. THE ATMOSPHERE AND ENVIRONMENT Never under estimate the impact the atmosphere and environment of your gym has on your results. At Force S&C we have worked hard to cultivate an environment that is conducive to hard work and ultimately producing results. We are a facility where you can spend time with like minded individuals with no egos or cliques, just a willingness to get better. Above all we pride ourselves on a welcoming and professional environment …. Come and see 🙂 10. WE MAKE IT SIMPLE & EASY From the moment you join all the way through to your training and nutrition, we make everything as simple and easy as possible. We are able to do this because we have strong and clear principles on how you should be treated and how you should train . These principles will give you piece of mind that we value you as a client through our membership while providing you with proven and sustainable training methods. 11. CONSTANT LEARNING From the very beginning we set up Force S&C as a place to train but also to learn. We feel it is just as important to know the “why” and not just the “how” when it comes to training. Ranging from world class presenters such as Jeremy Moody, Ben Coomber, Rachel Guy, Matt Jones and Phil Learney to our very own in house courses on training and nutrition, you will get the chance to learn and develop your knowledge. 12. WE ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE…OR SO WE THOUGHT We are a facility based in the middle of an industrial estate, we are different from your normal gym and use methods and equipment not familiar to everyone, so we are not for everyone…or so we thought !! We are proud that our membership base is full of clients of different ages, backgrounds and abilities, all training, socialising and getting better together through our services. It has also been great to see so many friendships formed by clients who were strangers to each other when they first walked in the door. ]]>