2012 with Force Strength & Conditioning

2012 with Force Strength & Conditioning

2012 seems to have been a blur for both of us. It has without doubt been the craziest 12 months we have been through but also the best. Long hours, sleepless nights, hard work and we wouldn’t have had it any other way, well apart from the sleepless nights! Here are some of the highlights of 2012.

1.We started the year part time with limited opening times and both working fulltime jobs elsewhere.

2.After a busy start to the year we took a leap of faith packed in our jobs to make Force full time in March!

3.We had some high profile guests in the likes of Shane Williams, Alyn Wyn Jones, Rhys Webb, Lloyd Williams and many more.

  4.PB’s and records have Fallen like rain all year with the Record and Highlight boards being a major focus of the gym.   5.We held our first Charity Event with Force Warfare raising a chunk of cash for Cystic Fibrosis and MacMillan and had an awesome day in the process.   6.The summer saw the opening of the Strength Patio/Sun Terrace and witnessed some fantastic outdoor training. 7. The members who have entered some of the toughest races in the uk such as Tough Guy,Tough Mudder etc                         8.We have accommodated many different teams from a variety of sports, disciplines and age groups.

 Premiership champions Pontypridd RFC @ Force Strength & Conditioning

    9.Force saw some world class jumping performances from “The Student” Olie Trottman. That boy has got some spring!!!     10.In our dream we wanted Force to be a place to Train, Learn and be your best. This has come into fruition with workshops, Seminars and Q&A’s with big name guests such as Ben Coomber and Rachel Guy.     11.Equipment should come with a Force stamp of approval, because if it can last here it can last anywhere, over the last  12 months we have had to retire many a med ball, bar, mats, ropes, powerbag and even the astro turf!!!! But we always look to provide the best equipment and facility possible.   12. We have kept adding to our services with personal training, more sessions, sports massage being some of the key elements.   13.We have witnessed some tremendous hard work and dedication in 2012 and this has produced some amazing results, have a look at out testimonial page for the pics of some of our clients. We would like to thank all our members for making 2012 so special. This year would not have been possible if wasn’t for all your hard work, support and enthusiasm. We have had a great time and are excited about the future with some big plans for 2013!!!!!]]>