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32 Things I’ve learned, realised or remembered in opening up a Strength and Conditioning Facility

We opened Force Strength and Conditioning back in October, and in that short period Andrew and myself have learnt a lot about ourselves, the industry and life in general. Here are the highlights…

  1. The life of a medicine ball at Force is a short and miserable one.

    Medicine Ball
    Broken Medicine Balls!
  2. Everybody loves to hate the prowler!!!
  3. Hard work does not guarantee success, you need a plan.
  4. You learn who your friends are when your back is against the wall.
  5. It is possible, but not optimal, to live on zero sleep and work 80 hours a week. You just look and feel like death!
  6. Everyone should learn how to squat!!!
  7. Trust your gut reaction it is usually the right one.
  8. Everyone should learn how to squat!!! (yes its in twice, because its that important)
  9. People can be selfish, but that is life!

    The Prowler
    The Prowler
  10. People can be kind and generous and that is also life!
  11. You must have a work, play, life balance.
  12. Learn to hinge at the hips as this will change the way you move.
  13. Foam roll and perform mobility drills regularly and you will feel brand new.
  14. Strength is a skill, and skills need to be practiced.
  15. Education is the king of everything. Whatever you may do, learn to be the best you can.
  16. You can’t do it all on your own.
  17. Social capital is important when you set up your own business, calling on favours becomes a regular occurrence, and friends can become legends at times (you know who you are).
  18. Feedback to clients is key when looking to improve performance.
  19. Failure to achieve strength or fitness goals too often comes from a lack of knowledge.
  20. The quest to become awesome in life is a marathon not a sprint.
  21. 21 days is the magic number when committing to something hard-core. Want to make a real difference in something, such as physique, then set a goal of 21 days and blast it!!

    The squat
  22. When stood on a high ladder removing nests from roof beams, Pigeons will attack you!!!
  23. Trap bar jumps are the answer for building explosive power.
  24. Painting and decorating is not the trade for me it is tedious.
  25. A record board is a great tool to improve strength in your clients.
  26. “If you can’t explain it simply then you don’t understand it well enough”
  27. People thrive when coached properly, most gyms don’t get results because they are not hands on enough.
  28. “You don’t always have to be right, but you must always keep moving forward
  29. Seek the advice and help of the most experienced people in the industry, there will always be people who know more than you do.
  30. Blood, Sweat and Tyres brings out the best in people through sheer hard work and determination.
  31. People have no idea of what they are capable of, only when they are pushed safely outside of their comfort zone will they then find out.
  32. And finally we love coaching and helping people to achieve and improve.

Angry pigeon

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