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Are you making these mistakes

The long game
We all want results and we all want them now
Unfortunately it is not that easy
Here are some of the common reasons why you have failed or struggling to make the progress you desire.
Lack of Patience
You don’t get the promotion after a week being in a job
You have to work your way up, doing a great job day in day out until you get the rewards
Your dream house is probably not the first house you bought
You had to upgrade house after house gradually getting better and bigger
The same analogies applies to your training and health.
It is about being consistent and progressive, building on the previous session, implanting small nutritional changes week after week until it becomes habit.
But you want to hear is this
– Lose 10lbs in 10 day
– 6 minute abs
– Build your booty like Beyonce
This isn’t very sexy or exciting but it takes time and consistent work to make the long term changes.
Just because you didn’t lose weight one week or hit a PB, it doesn’t mean the program doesn’t work. Stick with the plan don’t program hop and you never know you might just get to your goal
Strength is a long term goal, sustainable weight loss is a long term goal
Many of our clients have made this long term change take a look at our testimonial page

Onto the training
You do too much too soon
2hrs of exercise is better than 1hr
Then 3hrs must be better than 2
I am working harder so therefore results will be quicker
You need to realise training is cumulative and every time you train there is a cost physically and mentally.
You can only do so much until you breakdown physically (injuries etc. ) mentally ( lack of motivation )
If you are encouraged to do double sessions or multiple hours of training a day (talking about everyday people not athletes) then I would question your intensity in the sessions, the quality of the sessions and the advice you are being given by your trainer/gym.
Get a program that is specific to your goals and lifestyle with planned rest days
The goal is train week after week, month after month, year after year , not going flat out getting injured or bored and returning to square one time and time again.

To Restrictive
Your nutrition suddenly goes from chips, curries, pizza to chicken. Broccoli and rice
You go completely in the opposite direction
I bet it works for a while, as your motivation is high
But give it a week or two, you start to miss a couple of meals and soon they are replaced with the bad choices and before you know it you are back to square one.
A flexible approach to your nutrition will help adherence, building a strong and healthy relationship with food.
If you are struggling with your nutrition we suggest you check out the following people for advice and information
Huw Alford
Ben Coomber
Matt Jones

What I am trying to say is extremes of nutrition and exercise never works for 99% of people. We only have a given amount of willpower and extremes tests willpower to the limit.
True, there must be a certain level of sacrifice and dedication to reach any goal, BUT it must enhance your life, make you happy and it must be sustainable
The goods news is can be very simple if you have the patience, willing to put some hard work in consistently while in the right environment.
So just relax enjoy the journey.
As a gym (force s&c) we will not feed you rubbish like guaranteed results etc what we will give you is a no nonsense, realistic approach to your training and nutrition in an environment that breeds results ( take a look at our testimonial page )
We make no apologies if this isn’t sexy or doesn’t sell us many memberships, but the fitness industry today is so full of B@~s@~t that clarity is needed. Please take it from us, the clients who have made the biggest changes thus getting the biggest results understood the above principles.

IF this all sounds familiar to you and you are interested in making a real sustainable change then contact us

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