Back in the game

We know how hard it is to start OR start again after a break away from the gym.

Our Back in the Game (BITG) course solves this problem for you.

In just 21 days we can help you start, re kindle the lost motivation and get you on track to where you want to be.
You will be fully coached in the group sessions plus you will receive a bonus 21 recipes to help you with your nutrition.

For a small investment you will get the opportunity to train with like minded people who want to to get and feel healthier.

BITG works, previous attendees have gone onto full memberships and our awesome courses FemaleForce,IronForce and Beach Ready.

” You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great ”

This course is perfect if
✔ you have had a break from training , and you need to start again
✔ you are new to training, and want to check out Force S&C
✔ need a kick up the a#*e

This course gives you massive value, you will get
– Access to 5 sessions a week
– 5 piLlars of health and fitness guide
– Bonus recipes
– Shopping list

Personal Training Course ( 2 x week )

Our courses have a proven track record of producing explosive results and now you can do them on your terms.
The personal training packages give you the flexibility and freedom to pick and choose what days and times you want the sessions. ( you must complete the sessions in 3 weeks )

You now do not have to wait for the next course to come up, you can do it NOW.

You can do them on your own or in a group up to 4 people.
1 person = £150
2 people = £196 ( £98 per person )
3 people = £225 ( £75 per person )
4 people = £260 ( £65 per person )

Group sessions
DATE – April 16th b
Duration – 21 days ( that’s all !! )
DAYS & TIME – MON & WEDS = 06:15 -07.00 & 20.25-21.15 SAT = 10:30-11:15
PRICE- £50
DURATION – 21 days

**membership not included**