Beach Ready Level One

Beach Ready Level One has been created to provide you with the perfect way to get into weight training.

We understand a lot people want to start weight training and train in a group environment while being coached , Beach Ready L1 solves all those problems for you.

Your personal coach will look after you, perfecting your technique and encouraging you through the sessions. If you are looking to change your body then weight training should be a major part of your training.

Beach Ready Level One is perfect for you if:
–want to get into weight training
–want to improve your body composition ( lose body fat , increase muscle )
–want to train in a group environment–
–want to be coached and pushed through your sessions

Group sessions
DATE – 5th June
DAYS – Tues & Thurs
TIME – 6:00pm-7:00pm
PRICE- £80

Personal Training Course ( 2 x week )

Our courses have a proven track record of producing explosive results and now you can do them on your terms.
The personal training packages give you the flexibility and freedom to pick and choose what days and times you want the sessions. ( you must complete the sessions in 6 weeks )
You now do not have to wait for the next course to come up, you can do it NOW.
You can do them on your own or in a group up to 4 people.
1 person = £225
2 people = £360 ( £180 per person )
3 people = £420 ( £140 per person )
4 people = £480 ( £120 per person )