Blood Sweat & Tyres

The award winning, original and still the best, Blood, Sweat and Tyres (BST) is the ultimate full body conditioning group session.

Using tractor tyres, sandbags, ropes, sleds, prowlers, body weight exercises and more, BST has been put together so that anyone from a total beginners right the way up to elite athletes can train together.

The atmosphere for every BST session is super positive and all-inclusive.

Every session has regressions and progressions so that all abilities are catered for, which is one of the reasons that makes BST so popular.

But please note, due to that popularity, in order to secure a spot at BST sessions you must book in advance.

You can book via our app. Go to the bookings section for all the information on how to download and book through the app

If you fail to book – member or non-member – and turn up to the session anyway, then you risk not having a space.

And yes, it’s still a steal at only £7 per session!

BST Schedule

Monday - 6:15am 9:30am 5pm 6pm 7:15pm

Tuesday - 6:15am 9:30am

Wednesday - 6:15am 9:30am 5pm 6pm 7:15pm

Thursday - 6:15am 9:30am

Friday - 6:15am 9:30am 5pm 6pm 

Saturday - 8am 9:15am 

Sunday - 9:15am 

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