Dream big, Start small

dream big Last week there was a couple of tweets from two of our Transform group, saying how excited they were about some deadlifting and squats pb’s The two women involved Mandy Husk ( who deadlifted 100kg !! ) and Cath Thomas ( 125kg Deadlift and 105 kg Box squat ) were very proud and quite rightly so. It also got me thinking how they embody a lot of what Force S&C is about, and also what we can learn from their achievements Just Start Mandy and Cath were both very new to the gym when they first came to us, with Cath openly admitting that she hated the gym. They, and probably just like you are now were nervous about starting with a gym or making a change, but they did what most people simply do not do…. THEY TOOK ACTION and now haven’t looked back since. Start Small Now these ton plus deadlifts did not just come out of thin air, it has taken a lot of hard work and STRUCTURE . One of our underpinning principles is structure, in that every member gets an individualised program and is then coached through that program. Within these programs comes the progression, which allows our clients to reach their goals. Results This is simply what it is all about, we are here for one purpose only and that is to make you better. Results comes in many ways, fat loss, strength, sports performance etc it means different things to different people, check out our testimonial section. It doesn’t matter Age, starting fitness, injuries, inexperience, it all does not matter. It is never too late to make a change or try something new. At Force S&C we meet you at where you are at, this is why we assess and give individualised programs to every client, not some cookie cut program that everybody else is on. Be Proud Always be proud of your achievements, facebook, tweet it or tell your family and friends. Always share what makes you feel good and makes you happy, your achievements will more often than not inspire people, if two woman who are both over 40 deadlifting over 100kg is not inspiring I don’t what is, not because of the weight ( but it is impressive ) but just by their attitude and commitment. atweet ]]>