Force S&C Warfare Charity Day

There will be a full day of events , BBQ , drinks to enjoy , with all profits from the day going to the above charities. Force Warfare Entrance fee for competitors will be £25 which needs to be paid on application. All competitors will receive a some goodies ( t-shirt etc ) on arrival. Spectators are welcome on the day to support and will be charged £5 each on entry (children under 14 years old Free). It must be warned that Force Warfare is NOT for competing Strongman competitors! There will be a Heavy and Light weight categories for the men and no weight category for the women. Event 1 – Tyre Flip Competitors will be required to flip a tyre 5 times then sprint around a cone and back to the finish line. Event 2 – Yolke Walk into Farmers Walk Two Classic strongman events rolled into one, carry the yolke 15m then pick up heavy farmers handles and walk 15m. Event 3 – Log Clean and Press 60 seconds to get as many as many reps as possible. Start with log on tyres clean and press overhead then return log to tyres before repeating. A rep will only count if there is lock out at elbows hips and knees.   Event 4 – Prowler Suicide With the prowler on the start line push out 5m then push back to start, then push 10m and back and 15m and back to the finish line. Each person must push the whole prowler past each marker.   Event 5 – The Medley The medley will start with a 15m rope pull then each competitor will sprint 15m to collect a sandbag which will be carried back for 15m, they then run back to collect a sled which must be dragged for 15m to the finish line. All items must be placed completely over the finish line. Fastest to complete the course will win. Be sure to pull the sled ALL THE WAY over the line! Weights for each event/category are detailed below (All weights are approximates only and may be subject to change):    

Event Ladies Lightweight  Men Heavyweight  Men
1- Tyre Flip Small Large Large
2- Yolke Walk-Farmers Walk Yolke 20kgFarmersApprox 40kg Each Hand Yolke 90kgApprox 70kg Each Hand Yolke 140kgApprox 90kg Each Hand
3- Log Approx 27.5kg (total weight) Approx 55kg (total weight) Approx 55kg (total weight)
4- ProwlerSuicide Sled (45kg) Sled + 20kg (65kg) Sled + 30kg (75kg)
5- Medley Rope Pull 55kg Sandbags– 25kg/Sled – 60kg Rope Pull 85kg Sandbags– 50kg/Sled – 80kg Rope Pull 105kg Sandbags– 50kg/Sled – 100kg
More info will follow through our website and Facebook events page.]]>