Intention sets direction

image 2015 here we go It doesn’t matter wether you are a person who – hopes to make 2015 a huge year through personal & professional change – thinks they are too cool for New Years resolutions You all need to know this INTENTION SETS DIRECTION We all need a goal and target to focus on, because what you are aware of you can control. With your new goals you are now aware of what you need to change or improve on, with your actions you can now control it , how exciting 🙂 You see you will not just stumble upon a better job, more money or a six pack there needs to be a plan and there needs to be action by you. The start of the new year is a classic time to focus and evaluate where you want to go and who you want to be. It feels good to set targets and achieve them but the question is how do you sustain the motivation once the intial burst of new year optimism fades. Here we will try and help you image I want to talk firstly about the most important aspect … TIME, how you use your time will determine success and failure. The problem with time is that we don’t value it because it is free, time doesn’t cost us anything so we abuse time by wasting it. Time is all we have but hopefully we each have a lot of it to make a difference. If you focused your time on the important aspects of your life by that i mean the game changers rather than meaningless distractions then you will be winning. ( what I mean be game changers is the things that are important to you that make up your goals …. Family, travel, health, money etc ) 1. Make it meaningful and short image It has to be important to you, it needs to inspire you to make better use of your time. Don’t go for an easy win, the reason being it will be to tempting to put if off as it will not be important to you. Only have 2 or 3 goals , don’t overwhelm yourself by picking to many. 2. Start small Start with small habit changes that will lead you to that bigger goal. For Example , if it is weight loss you want, start by drinking more water, don’t start going for 6am runs and living of lettuce. As the weeks go on keep on adding a change. The reason ? Never underestimate the minds reaction to improvement, if you keep on adding positive changes on a consistent basis then you are always moving forward, where do yo go from 6am runs and restrictive diets ? Failure, it will very quickly overwhelm you. 3. The Long Game Focus on the outcome, be patient in your pursuit. The journey should be enjoyable if you are implementing the above ( daily and weekly achievements ) then the success keeps coming, it shouldn’t be a constant grind, the goals need to enhance your life not break it down. Remember the time will pass anyway so be patient, it’s how you use that time that’s the deal breaker. 4. Failure image It will happen , there will be set backs because life will get in the way it is enevitable. Expect these setbacks and plan for them, if your are mentally prepared then you will be able to deal with them better. You will need to focus and stay on track, this is why the goals need to be important to you because if they are not once you receive a setback you will simply give up. What I do know in reading and looking at any successful sport/ business / life person they all have a plan, dream or a goal, a desire to improve on a constant basis and an understanding of how to use there time effectively. Remember you have the same amount of hours in a day as your idols and role models, barring god given talent they just applied there time better to a meaningful goal. If you are still too cool for resolutions and goals then good luck to you and I am glad you have it all under control, to everybody else write down today your goals and get to work. ]]>