Ironforce is the ultimate 6 week all male muscle course.  Purely aimed at increasing muscle mass, Ironforce is held in a small group setting giving you expert coaching from our trainers along with the support network of the rest of the group.

The sessions are intense so it is advised that you have at least 6 + months weight training experience before booking a place.

You will also get an additional open gym programme and full nutritional guidelines, to help you pack on as much muscle as possible.

ironforce is perfect for you if you:
— want to improve your body composition ( lose body fat , increase muscle )
— want to train in a group environment with a support network
— want to be coached and pushed through your sessions

<strong>Personal Training Course ( 2 x week ) </strong>

Our courses have a proven track record of producing explosive results and now you can do them on your terms.
The personal training packages give you the flexibility and freedom to pick and choose what days and times you want the sessions. ( you must complete the sessions in 6 weeks )
You now do not have to wait for the next course to come up, you can do it NOW.
You can do them on your own or in a group up to 4 people.
1 person = £225
2 people = £360 ( £180 per person )
3 people = £420 ( £140 per person )
4 people = £480 ( £120 per person )

Group sessions

Evening sessions
Date - 17th April 
days – Tues & Thurs
time – 18:00:19:00  // 19:00:20:00 // 20:00-21:00

price- £110
*** small group – 4 people max***

**membership not included**