John Parsons Journey with Force S&C

image I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Chris and Andrew and all the Guys at Force for helping me shift over 4 Stone in weight in just under 5months . I started at Force back in Mid december last year when i decided it was time to get myself into some form of fitness due to change in personal circumstances and also weighing the best part of 19stone!! The guys there welcomed me and have done nothing but encourage and give me great advice all the way through. Simple things like hearing your name with words of encouragement whilst pushing the prowlers during a Blood Sweat and Tires (BST) session, To diet advice and programmes. All of which combined have been the driving force behind now weighing in at under 15stone and still going! Force Strength and conditionings Staff are the reason i am fitter, stronger and healthier than ever, and i cannot recommend the facility or the Staff highly enough for their welcoming and professional Attitude to all levels of fitness! thanks again guys! John Parsons ]]>