A members journey with Force S&C

If you are of a slightly older disposition, like me…you know how it is, we all have aches and pains and everyday life can be so busy, we can all find an excuse not to exercise, can’t we…that old sporting injury playing up again, being so tired at the end of the day just can’t be bothered or just accepting as you get older you tend to get a little rounder. Earlier this year, a friend of mine Paul Jones said he had joined a gym and had lost a lot of weight on this personal program they had tailored for him, so of course I was pleased for him but had my own reservations and experiences of ‘meathead’ gyms and thought no more about it. After some time and numerous conversations about how good this gym was, I thought, well if Paul’s enjoying it I might to? So I made an initial consultation appointment in early July 2012! To be honest, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I subsequently joined Force on a monthly membership, got a fitness plan and I was away, with the opinion that paying a gym membership would force me to go as often as I could to get the best value for money. I was given one piece of advice try to motivate me, this was ‘to exercise when you least want to as this give you the biggest feeling of satisfaction’. With this ‘gem of wisdom’ in mind, after nearly six months of extremely hard work and blood, sweat and tyres[always wondered what ‘BST’ was when I first joined?…God do I know now!]. Consequently, I have lost 21lbs in weight[I know it’s a lot when I’m lugging a 10kg plate around in circuits]. I’ve dropped two waist sizes [ Now in a 36” waist] and although I am knackered after every session [especially BST] and still have the aches and pains, I FEEL FANTASTIC. So with respect to Chris, Andrew, Mark for providing their continued enthusiastic support and direction and Tom and Ollie for verbal motivations (During BST), to all of the above, who have helped me to get started and got me to the point I am today….I thank you for showing me the way and providing the vehicle to travel to my ongoing fitness goal. So if you’re thinking… I don’t know how committed I am, I am so unfit or I’m too old for that…. think again and see for yourself. Come and join the FORCE family, we’ve all got to start somewhere and once you start who knows where your journey will take you. It will change your life! Cheers Gav Williams ]]>