Nutrition Seminar 18th November

Nutrition Seminar Sunday 18th November

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 in association with Ben Coomber of Body Type Nutrition.

November 18th see’s one of the UK’s top nutritionist come to Force Strength & Conditioning for a knowledge bomb filled nutrition seminar. Want to know….. – What is the foundation to the perfect human diet?  – What carb, protein and fat ratios should you be eating to fuel your goals?  – How to eat for your body type to stop unnecessary fat gain but maximise lean muscle gain?  – How optimise carb cycling for your training time and maximise hormonal output?  – What are theories such as carb cycling, carb backloading, intermittent fasting and protein pulsing, and which one is best for you, your body type and your training goals?   – What supplements work, what don’t, and some of natures best that no-one ever considers?  – How can these points be adopted for individual athlete’s and sports and one’s body composition goals? Join Ben Coomber from Body Type Nutrition at Force Strength & Conditioning on Sunday 18th November for 3 hours of nutritional knowledge bombs. Learn how to work with your body type for both fat loss, muscle gain and sports performance. Start to learn how to work with your physiology and not against it.  This seminar is aimed at anyone looking to take their training, nutrition and overall physical performance to the next level. Come armed with questions, learn from the best, fill in the blanks, and learn how to apply the right strategies to the right person and the goals looking to be achieved. Get your diet right, and the rest falls into place! The cost of the day will be £30, there will be limited spaces and are on a first come first served basis. Bookings can be made at the gym, facebook, twitter and phone. Closing day will 9th november The day will start at 11.00 ]]>