Paul Jones Journey with Force

afterBefore My Life style change thanks to FORCE SC I stopped smoking around 10 years ago and changed jobs from a physical job to a desk job, as a consequence of this I went from 12st to 15st 8lb. This weight gain made me very unhappy and, like many other people, I tried various diets and joined the local gym, all without any success. My Change We were in the pub one evening with friends and one of our friends, Carole Hibbs, showed my wife a photo of her husband David while on holiday in Egypt. David used to be a similar size as me (Sorry Dave), the photo was taken after he had been going to BST Sessions at Force SC for some time. It showed Dave covered in mud looking toned and a lot fitter than he once was. That was it… Dave had achieved this at Force SC maybe it could help me. I came across BST Sessions when they were held at the leisure centre in Cowbridge, but thought that it looked like really hard work and I was worried that my back would never cope with it. I arranged an introduction session with Andrew and he ran through an easy warm up and assessment of my fitness level, we also had a chat about my aims and goals. My main aim was to lose weight. I chose 3st loss and thought if I could do this in one year then I would be more than happy. Andrew designed a weight loss program and also provided me with a diet sheet. Although it’s called a DIET, it is more a healthy eating plan and still allows me some of the foods I enjoy, changing from white bread, rice & pasta to brown. The rest is easy, smaller portions and lots of fish, meat and veggies. This is now my NORMAL way of eating. I followed my weight loss program and diet attending the gym 3 times 1 week, and 4 times the other week depending on working a shift pattern. I lost my first STONE within 6 weeks (I had to buy a new suit for a friend’s wedding). Within 6 months I had lost 2½st and felt SO MUCH BETTER, more awake, alert and now I have so much more energy, and look forward to the next time I can get to the Gym. Even though I enjoyed my gym program I always wanted to try a BST session, but felt this would be TOO MUCH and I didn’t want it to put me off in any way and spoil my enjoyment. Chris and Andrew persuaded me to try a session and to work at a level I felt comfortable with. One Saturday Morning I took plunge and tried, OH MY GOD I loved it. The one thing I noticed is just how fit I was. The work I had put in during my open Gym sessions really improved my overall fitness levels. I found myself raving to friends on how much I enjoyed BST sessions and have introduced a number of friends (including my wife and children) to BST who I know ‘enjoy it’. BST has also become a social event for us. We attend as family groups with the Jones, the Hibbs and the Husks. WE ALL LOVE IT. I am a much happier and more confident person. When work colleagues look at photos of me from last year they refer to them as the OLD PAUL. Cheers all involved with Force SC you really have improved my life. ]]>