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Despite my initial reservations, I am happy to report it is AMAZING. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, patient, non judgemental, encouraging and much, much more. I get so much more out of the SPT sessions than I ever did from going to a boring old "modern" gym and using the treadmills and other over engineered equipment! You are pushed ...... but not beyond your limits and the encouragement makes you want to push your boundaries. Give it a try. I don't think you will ever look back. sally jenkins

Would you like Personal Training at the fraction of the cost ?

Read on to find out how our Semi Private Training Service ( SPT ) is revolutionising the personal training experience.

Our clients are making the change to a more affordable, flexible and fun way to train

Just imagine …..
Being expertly coached in every session.
Training in a motivating, fun and energetic group environment.
Having the constant accountability of a coach, booked sessions and the group.
Having the flexibility to book or cancel your sessions at your convenience through our app.

So, no more stopping and starting, getting lost in the crowd or being unsure of technique and exercises, SPT will be an absolute game changer in how you train.

You will be following the group program, but every exercise will be modified to suit your fitness level from complete beginner to the experienced trainer.

Here is the best bit for you, as an introductory offer for the first month only; you can get our most comprehensive package of 3 x a week Semi Private Training for £99. (This package would normally cost £139 a month)

After the first month you can then decide how you would like to carry on with no obligation.

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