The Sweeet Spot

The sweeeet Spot a sweet spot This was inspired by a recent e-mail sent by Matt Jones,Matt is an outstanding nutritionist have a look at all his services here How do you know what is right for you, training and nutrition wise?? First of all you have to start and dip your feet in the water otherwise you will never know So that’s the first part …you need to start The problem now is that you have started, but probably you don’t know what you are doing Some of the problems you are probably having TRAINING Lack of confidence Not sure of technique You do not have a program that is specific to you Doing too much too soon Lack of knowledge Nutrition Not sure what to eat How much should i eat Am i eating too much What supplements should i take The list goes on and on……….. What we are looking for when it comes to training and nutrition is a flexible, enjoyable and sustainable program. Extremes of training and nutrition is none of the above, they might give you a short term fix especially in terms of nutrition, but how long can you realistically endure something that is so far the “ other way “ ? Remember FLEXIBLE,ENJOYABLE AND SUSTAINABLE How do you know what you should be doing??? In all honestly especially as a beginner, you don’t, in fact we see plenty of experienced trainers getting it wrong, programming hopping all the time looking for the next magic program. We can help ……( take a look at our testimonial page ) At Force we are huge into not just training but education, giving you the “why” as well the “how”, Giving you that SPECIFIC information that will help you improve for the long term. Nutrition help We held our first Nutrition night a couple of weeks ago with great success, so much in fact we have added another date for August 19th. The talk is on the Foundations of nutrition it includes: Facts about Carbs , fats & protein Giving you the tools to work out your caloric requirements How to build a meal Open Q&A The night is open to everyone and is only £10 !! EXTRA ALF Training solutions We have a mix of courses coming up in September that will give you that knowledge and confidence when it comes to training. FEMALEFORCE – All female lifting course, great for beginners and intermediates looking to improve and gain more confidence lifting weights UNDER THE BAR – Our very popular Olympic Lifting Course, advanced and beginners courses available. MOVE – The missing link, a course taking a joint by joint approach of improving flexibility and mobility All the course details can be on our EVENTS AND WORKSHOPS PAGE Open to members and non-members ]]>