The transFORCEmation of Kerri Husk

KERRI HUSK 1 This is the awesome results of client Kerri Husk . Kerri is part of our Transform service, and as you can see has made amazing progress. Kerri was probably like a lot of you at the beginning, not sure where to start, confused and a bit scared !! There is no magic formulae, pills, juice or program, Kerri’s results have been built on consistency and hard work. What will make the difference is the service you receive and the environment in which you train and this is where we came in. Here is Kerri’s story : I joined Transform at the beginning of 2014 and was instantly hooked; I always look forward to Transform and the sessions constantly evolve and challenge you – it’s all great fun and nothing is ever boring. The boys at Force have given me so much help with both the training and the nutritional aspects of getting and staying healthy – they have helped me lose weight, get fitter and feel more confident in myself, but more than anything the biggest improvement I’ve noticed is in my overall health. I used to suffer from asthma really badly and when I first started at Force I could barely get around a BST without needing my inhaler, but now I rarely use it at all. I genuinely miss training at Force when I am away at University, but all of the information and guidance they have given me help me to stay fit and healthy while I’m away, and I’m always eager to get back to training at Force. One of the best things about Force is that everyone there is so friendly and encouraging – trainers and members alike. There is a great atmosphere and it honestly the best place to train! ]]>