This weeks Twitter Testimonials

@ForceSC1 then a cheeky 5k run. Looking forward to my rest day tomorrow! #gohardorgohome #creamcrackered Saturday morning started off with @ForceSC1 tyres session and a @Bar44tapas brunch. Good times! Jealous reading all the fab #BST @ForceSC1 tweets Guilt free bank holiday after that session @ForceSC1 #sweaton Tough session at @ForceSC1 can’t c me enjoying this afternoon at all but hard work will make the season easier……prowlers will end me thanks for that today mate.totally drained loved it big time.was a challenge pairing with bourner.not that im competitive at all. En route to lift some heavy shit down @ForceSC1 Another awesome #BST @ForceSC1 thanks for kick starting my long weekend. See you next week!!! #forcewarfare #excited Amazing session! Arms are in bits want to get them lifts perfected #BST Great session prowlers will be the death of me see you at 8am #ouch #BST Killer session at @ForceSC1 this evening! Going to feel it in the morning.. during my morning session that is! #nopainnogain ]]>