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I’m paying £49 a month to be a member in @VirginActive to go twice a wk if that, cos I can’t stop going to @ForceSC1 credit to u guys!! #BST Loving #BST @ForceSC1 this week! Double stations, two ropes, zebedee thingy with med ball slams…they just keep it coming! ❤ the #challenge Great session down @ForceSC1 with @lordboardshorts hard work finally paying off #BST My day feels so wrong missing @ForceSC1 this morning! @Bridie_Smith Thursday for def!!!! #missingthepain Achieving sweat down a cleavage seems simple with @ForceSC1 #BST Go hard or… Nope no alternative. Loved this morning with @Rachaeljane1987 Great session of BST @ForceSC1, couple of beers, bed then back for more in the morning!! Found tonight a real lung buster down @ForceSC1 , great sesh, great effort by @lloydp15 with 9 tyre flips! #ownedit #BST amazing session.!.am a broken man right now..navigating the stairs didn’t go well.!!. #topsession #toppeople   Follow us on, Twitter search for- Forcesc1  ]]>