10am – Registration and Male Weigh In 11am – FARMERS WALK & BAG LOAD 12pm – LOG LIFT 1pm – TYRE FLIP 2pm – PROWLER SUICIDES 2:45pm – BST 3.30pm Prizes and Raffle Draw Weight Categories Female – no weight catergory Lightweight Male – under 80kg Middleweight Male – over 80kg – under 92.5kg Heavyweight Male – over 92.5kg Event 1 – Farmers walk & Bag Load Two Classic strongman events rolled into one, carry the farmers walk 15m then load the bag onto a box then 15m farmers walk back to the start. Event 2 – Log Clean and Press 60 seconds to get as many as many reps as possible. Start with log on tyres clean and press overhead then return log to tyres before repeating. A rep will only count if there is lock out at elbows hips and knees Event 3 – Tyre Flip Competitors will be required to flip a tyre 5 times then sprint around a cone and back to the finish line. Event 4 – Prowler Suicide With the prowler on the start line push out 5m then push back to start, then push 10m and back and 15m and back to the finish line. ONLY A PART OF THE PROWLER HAS TO CROSS EACH LINE.. Event 5 – BST ROUND Wait and see !! warfare events]]>