Weight lifting for Increased Performance Master Class & Developing Speed

For prices of the workshops please contact us. Weight lifting for Increased Performance Master Class These sessions are for intermediate level trainers in the exercises of Dead Lift, Front/Back Squat, Clean and Snatch Maximum numbers 10 Aim: To increase personal performance in these movements in a 4 week macro cycle (technical and performance outcome). Duration: 75 minutes for 4 consecutive weeks (12.45-14.00) 27th Jan – Session 1 (12.45-14.00) 3rd Feb – Session 2 (12.45-14.00) 10th Feb – Session 3 (12.45-14.00) 17th Feb – Session 4 (12.45-14.00) Here the session will look to identify the technical competencies of the lifters and coach them through a 4 week programme of technical and physical development. It will be a training session format with programmes established and tailored to the individual’s technical development. Aimed at those individuals who regularly use the Olympic Lifts who: 1) Have hit a sticking point in performance progressions and want to open up a new window of performance progression 2) Those individuals searching for increased performance transfer from their training to sport 3) Those people who want to increase their personal bests in their training strong>Developing Speed Aimed at athletes/players, coaches, personal trainers and fitness industry professionals Duration 2.5 hours 17th Feb – 14.00-16.30 A theoretical and practical perspective on the areas required for development in trying to run faster and how this relates to team games and individual sports ]]>